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Christmas Hampers 2022

One of the most successful things we did in 2022 was our Christmas hamper appeal , this relies on the generosity of the public to make donations to ourselves, so that we can put together the hampers and deliver them to the veteran community.

This year we had very kind donations from Seaham DWP and Spennymoor Town Football Club. Donations had been flying through our doors for weeks before hand and close to Christmas we were invited to receive the kind donations that had been made .

Once the donations had been received, the staff of East Durham Veterans Trust put the hampers together and then worked out who was the most in need of a hamper this christmas within our veteran community.

Ten hampers in total were created from the donations that we received and once the hampers were made, we assembled a team of volunteers to deliver the hampers. The hampers went out across the region the Friday before Christmas and it was fantastic to see the surprised and happy faces of the veterans who received our Christmas Hampers.

A massive thank you once again to Seaham DWP and Spennymoor town FC for your kind donations.

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