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Private Counselling

East Durham Veterans Trust now provides mental health support and counselling for anybody in the local community who feels they may need some support.  All counselling is held within our veteran's hub, based in Seaham, with our fantastic and friendly qualified counsellors.

At East Durham Veterans Trust we don't believe in waiting lists and have a very strict policy that everyone who is referred or refers themself into our service will be seen within two weeks!

Miss out on long waiting lists with the NHS, Doctors and other organisations, if you are in need of support, we will have you through the door immediately and get you the help that is needed.


Counselling sessions are priced at £20 per hour.

You could be suffering from a number of mental health illnesses or mental health problems.

East Durham Veterans Trust Provides Counselling through Face to Face appointments, over Zoom and Over the telephone.

We believe that it is best to get the help early rather than waiting until you or your family member is in crisis.

The hardest step is normally the first step, and that is asking for help, take that step below and fill in the form to get the help that is needed.

Get help today

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