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Social Inclusion Programme 

At East Durham Veterans Trust we have a number of groups running as part of our social inclusion programme. Social exclusion can have a huge effect on a person's mental health, and we believe it's important to look out for one another. 


The purpose of our social inclusion programme is to ensure we can bring together like minded people through a range of activities and support them where necessary. 

Below you can find out what groups we have running as part of our social inclusion programme, if any of these groups interest you then you can find out more details about each one here. You can also see an up to date calendar of what's on here.

Saturday Morning Groups

At the Veterans Hub in Seaham we have Saturday Morning Groups, this is known as our brews and banter group.  Promoting Social inclusion and involving veterans and their families to join us and enjoy like minded company.

On the First Sunday of every month we have an organised fishing trip.  ON some occasions this is on a local pier on others we arrange to take ten members of the groupon the boat off the North Sea Coast

Thanks to our friends at Great Annual Savings we are able t provide a photography group.  The group had some initial training before we moved on to forming a weekly group where people can meet and share the pictures and techniques used for photography.

Family Trips

On the third Sunday we have a family trip.  So far we have visited museums and  farms as well as doing well being activities such as water sports and trampolining. 

Mates and Bates is a veterans and families free lunch.  We provide this every Friday and each week the menu changes.  Again this is a great way for our veterans and their friends to meet, socialise and enjoy a free lunch.

Model club is every Friday morning.  During Model club we have a group of all ages who come in and sit and enjoy each others company while created models of their choice.

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