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Our Projects

At East Durham Veterans Trust we run a number of projects and services with the aim of supporting veterans and their families and the wider community. Below you can find the active projects that are currently running.


Veterans Mental Health Counselling Programme

If you a veteran or a family member of a veteran then you can access our mental health counselling programme., free to access with no waiting lists.  Available in person or via zoom / telephone.


Social Inclusion Project

East Durham Veterans Trust has a social inclusion programme to benefit the veterans and their families.  This includes various groups to promote social inclusion which we know can support people who are struggling with their mental health.

Therapy Closeup

East Durham Veterans Trust now provides mental health support and counselling for anybody in the local community who feels they may need some support.

Private Counselling 

Addiction Support

East Durham Veterans Trust is providing addiction services to veterans and veterans families. This bespoke service is unlike any other as it is tailored around each individual. 

Therapy Session
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