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Staying at Tommy's

One East Durham Veterans Trust trustee had an incredibly creative way to highlight a huge problem for veterans.

(Photo by CEO Andy Cammiss)

East Durham Veterans Trust's very own Trustee, David Mckenna, braved the elements and slept under the stars for three nights, aiming to highlight the problem of sofa surfing within the armed forces community.

Sofa surfing is usually a term used to describe the act of an individual who moves between houses of people they know, sleeping in whatever space is available, usually a couch or floor.

Sofa surfing is a form of homelessness which is particularly prevalent in the veteran community.

David stayed at Tommy in Seaham, sleeping on a sofa, covered by only a gazebo. His aim was to highlight the problem with sofa surfing for veterans.

Over the course of his three-night stay (Friday, September 1st to Monday, September 4th) David was able to have lots of engagement with the public in the local community.

Overall, David raised a staggering £1805 for East Durham Veterans Trust as well as spread awareness about one of the problems our veteran community faces every day.

We would like to give a huge thank you to David for his efforts.

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