Welcome to East Durham Veterans

Hello and Welcome to east Durham Veterans.

East Durham Veterans has been established to offer help to Veterans and their families within the local area.

We initially started fundraising and raising awareness due to my own experiences of leaving the armed forces, I know of the struggles of a service person leaving especially with a family in tow. The struggle of worrying about housing, schools, employment and many other issue's, concurrently since this I have had my own struggles with mental health and I was absolutely astonished how difficult it was for a veteran to gain help with mental health treatment, shoved from pillar to post this is something that frustrated me and I did not want veterans to go through this. I was a lucky one I have an amazing wife who also served and understood what I was going through unfortunately not every veteran has this support and with mental health suicide at such an alarming rate and the UK government cutting funding to primary heath care fund I wanted to put out there that there that there was help and how how to get it quickly.

So early 2018 I decided I wanted to do something, I started with the aim of helping homeless veterans with in the north east area. I was soon advised that in the north east this is not a massive problem, yes it is a problem but there was bigger issues that needed to be delt with. I spoke to my local MP's office who I have been in constant dialogue with ever since my first visit and it was apparent that there was no veterans charity in the East Durham area this needed to change so east Durham veterans was formed.

Since we formed East Durham Veterans we have been very busy, firstly there was the fund raising. We arranged a sponsor walk across Hadrian wall, 18 miles in total, this was followed by a charity night which was held on armed forces day. The charity night was a huge success we were joined by Sunderland A.F.C owner Stewart Donald who donated prizes for auction. The funds were raised to allow us to help veterans or purchase merchandise or equipment required.

Our next step is to get the word out regarding East Durham Veterans and to register as a charity, we are currently in the process of writing the mandate as a charity and are in the process of selecting our trustee's for the charity. We aim to open a veterans centre which is a little further down the line but in the short term we are planning more fund raising and awareness events.

We thank you for taking the time to visit our page.

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