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4 Easy Ways You Can Support East Durham Veterans Trust

At East Durham Veterans Trust we often rely upon kind donations from the public, fundraising or being awarded grants from a number of different providers throughout the year to keep us going financially.

However there are four simple ways in which you can help support East Durham Veterans Trust that are of no or little cost to yourself.


We have recently relaunched our youTube channel. The aim of this is to help launch our presence on youTube. We will be posting two/ three videos a week with hopes of building up an audience on this platform.

Once we have built up enough subscribers, we are hoping to be able to earn from this platform to help support the running of East Durham Veterans Trust. All you need to do is click the subscribe button to become one of our subscribers, this will go some way towards helping us achieve our goal.

Amazon smile

Amazon is one of the biggest online retailers in the world, they have a sister site called Amazon smile. On Amazon smile everything is the same as the regular Amazon site, your account is the same as are all of the products, the only difference is that from each sale a small contribution is donated from Amazon to your chosen charity. We are registered on this site, all you have to do is select 'East Durham Veterans Trust' as your chosen charity and a small donation from each of your purchases will go straight to us.

We must stress that this will cost you no extra regardless of which site you are shopping on, again this will go someway to helping to support East Durham Veterans trust.

Veterans Lottery

Our affiliate partners 'The veterans Foundation' run the Veterans Lottery and for every person we manage to get to sign up to the veterans lottery then we are awarded £20.

Signing up to the Veterans Lottery costs £10 per month and there are various cash prizes available to the monthly winners. The money that is generated from the Veterans Lottery is used to fund the Veterans Foundation and allows them to award grants to various Veterans charities across the UK. This year East Durham Veterans Trust has been awarded two grants from the Veterans Foundation for various programmes that we are running.

Great Annual Savings (GAS)

The final way you can support East Durham Veterans Trust is through Great Annual Savings also known as GAS. If you are a business owner and own or rent a property then you can let GAS take a look at your fuel and see if they can get you a cheaper deal. If GAS are successful in being able to get you a cheaper deal and you choose to switch, a donation will be made to East Durham Veterans Trust from the profit they make.

This is at no cost to the business owner and GAS will look at what savings they could possibly make free of charge.

Keep an eye out for more ways you can support East Durham Veterans Trust coming soon!

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