Parachute Fundraiser 2021

August 28th East Durham Veterans took on the task of organising the largest fundraiser they had ever considered in putting together. a parachute fundraiser.


The team of east Durham Veterans Trust had an early start at the parach

ute, arriving before anyone else to ensure they could get a headstart in setting up stalls and the arrival point for the forty people who had given up their time to skydive in aid of the trust. Each of the skydivers were asked to raise a minimum of £400 to take part in the day..

From early in the day the atmosphere was building up, people arriving bring their families and friends who were going to show them support for the day. Before we knew it the first skydivers were in the sky and enjoying the experience of falling out of a perfectly good aeroplane. The parachute's were wizzing over the top of the crowd with smiles and waves from the people taking part as well as the crowd on the ground below.While all of the skydiving was going on their was also so much happening in the ground below. We had the students from East Durham Community College who came along and sang a number of songs for us to keep the crowd entertained, as well as the craft beer stalls, tombola, merchandise stall, wax melt stall and of course the dohnuts.

As well as all of this we had a fantastic raffle with over two thousand tickets being sold. The top prize was a 55" 4K TV donated by Tesco followed close behind there was two signed Sunderland AFC shirts donated by Great annual savings. As well as another 30 fantastic prizes.

The day finished at 7pm with the final skydiver taking to the skies. A long day but the atmosphere and the people in attendance made the day so special.

All of the cash was counted and on the day£13,144.50p was made to go towards the running of East Durham Veterans Trust. This will allow the support to armed forces community in East Durham to continue.

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