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London Landmarks Half Marathon 2023

The London Landmarks half marathon is an event which sees participants run, walk or jog around the streets of London, allowing them to take in the iconic buildings and Landmarks of the nations capital.

(Andy, Sharon and Thomas took on the half marathon in London)

This year we were granted five places in this fantastic half marathon, which is becoming more and more popular each year.

Unfortunatley, this year we were only able to fulfill three of those spaces made available to us, with Andy, Sharon and Thomas taking on the challenge.

A trip that had been planned for weeks was soon disrupted by the news of a pending rail strike, on a change of transport and a hotel was required, not the best start.

The morning of the race arrived and it was an early start, leaving the hotel at Heathrow and heading for the tube into London.

Our participants arrived in Mayfair, the start ing point of the race, joined by thousands more, all ready to run.

It was great to see all kinds of service charities being represented, from Combat Stress to the Royal Marines and Royal Navy charities.

Despite all of the representation for the forces, it seemed the runners for East Durham Veterans Trust were the only localised charity that were taking part in this event, this was even more certainly the case for the North East based veterans charities.

The race started and our runners took to the streets of London, pounding the streets as they went. Groups of spectators gathered, in what appeared to be cheering stations, and lined the route. We later found out that these were in fact a form of entertainment for the runners who were taking part in this year's event.

It was a hard and grueling route around the capital, but at the same time a very enjoyable one, and a great way to see the many attractions of the city. From Trafalgar Square to The Gherkin and all the way up to the the Tower of London, it was a great experience for our runners. The last stretch took the runners over Westminster Bridge to take in the sights of the Houses of Parliament and of course Big Ben. Finally, through the streets and finishing outside of Downing Street, this was an iconic half marathon to say the least.

Our runners did a fantastic job, raising an amazing total of over £700 for East Durham Veterans Trust.


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