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Head of Therapy 


My name is Kelly-Ann and I'm the Head of Therapy here at East Durham Veterans Trust. I graduated as a counsellor in 2016. My early experience working with clients, was with Place to be, in which I worked therapeutically with children at a primary school in Hartlepool. 

I then gained experience working with clients with substance misuse at Fulcrum Medical Practice in Middlesbrough. Following that, I moved on to working with clients at Carers Together in Middlesbrough. Then continuing on to work with marginalised women and children, at A Way Out in Stockton-on Tees. 

I applied for a job at East Durham Veterans, after watching a podcast with Andy, in which he described the ethos of East Durham Veterans, which grabbed my attention. My son is in the RAF, so the work of the trust is very close to my heart. 

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